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Welcome to Naturally Bare

Naturally Bare is the first couture Natural body care, Reiki infused Soy Candles, and Fine Fragrances. Using organic and natural ingredients perfect anti-aging, skin conditions, dry skin and sensitive skin. Our products pocketoption broker are infused with rich aromas that lasts for hours. Our custom fragrances are clean, fresh and unique. Our products are filled with amazing therapeutic, transforming ingredients. Organic Aloe Vera in known for  healing, Cupuacu Butter is loaded with antioxidants and a natural UV protector. Shea Butter and Coconut Oil are excellent great moisturizers, combined with our super-fruits blend for antioxidant protection and emollients such as; Coconut, Tamanu and Argan Oil.
Protecting your skin is important to us. We take pride in using the purest premium ingredients with transforming and restorative properties for all skin types, even sensitive. Our products are known for their nourish, hydrating, soothing, transforming and moisturizing properties. Our Reiki Soy Candles and Eau de Toilettes are infused with our custom phthalates free scents! We use Reiki to support positive energy and intention when burning our candles. What is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Our creator Deidre and our Reiki Master treat each candle with this technique. Our custom fragrances are unisex (shared) aromas that can be worn individually or together. Naturally Bare is suitable for everyone!


Deidre, a Los Angeles native, loves everything beautiful! "While my girlfriends were shopping for clothes, I opted for a scalp massage, facial, or creating a blend of oils for my body", says Deidre. While attending Tulane University in New Orleans, LA, as a premed student, Deidre soon return home to pursue entertainment. Once she extended her family, she returned back her love for beautiful skin. "I severed from acne as a teen and most of the products were to strong, but I never gave up on healthy skin", Deidre claims. In 2011, Naturally Bare Boutique Skin Care Studio opened in West Hollywood, CA. After working with renown dermatologists as well, Deidre realized body care had a missing component. She begin addressing skin disorders, dry skin, thinning aging skin, hyperpigmentation and soon, Naturally Bare Couture Body Care was born in 2013. "Our customers are elated to have a natural base that smells simply beautiful, for Men and Women, says Deidre. Deidre resides in Los Angeles County with her 2 sons and husband,


Thank you for being Couture in Nature,

Deidre and Bare Baby Greyson!